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Ushering in A New Year

New Year _ Savor the quiver of anticipation as you stand on the threshold of this brand new year, pausing to close your eyes, breathe in fully the exquisite, tenuous scent of this moment in which past, present and future are suspended. Allow yourself to…

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Tending Our Humanity

The survival of our Humanity depends on inclusivity. Our willingness and ability to set aside school playground antics, allow the best in each and every person to find its way through. The moment we cast someone out for reasons we deem justifiable, we initiate a…

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Repeating Patterns : A Path to Transformation

Imagine a moment in your life when you experienced déjà vu of the not-so-good variety. When an unpleasant story or incident that you’ve previously lived through comes back around and you find yourself wondering how you got here. Maybe shaking your fist at the heavens,…

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