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solo on the precipice

Taking Responsibility For Yourself

The act of taking responsibility for oneself is an essential ingredient to a consciously-lived life. If we want to better understand the sources of our discomfort and upset, we must be willing to turn the mirror on ourselves and ask What can I learn here?…

Seedling emerging

The Birthing Process

The joys, sorrows, stops and starts, pains, revelations, ups and downs of birth are not just for women and mothers. We are all of us called to passages of conception, nurturance, labor, and birth by the consistent pulse, the cyclical rhythms of life. We must…

Playing Cards

Everyone Has a House of Cards

(and a Foundation on which it is built) A note to my readers: These days, I feel a bit like a broken record. Everything that I’m writing about and teaching hits on repeating themes: The persistent intensity showing up in our daily lives Feelings of…

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