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mountain sunrise

Ushering in A New Year

New Year _ Savor the quiver of anticipation as you stand on the threshold of this brand new year, pausing to close your eyes, breathe in fully the exquisite, tenuous scent of this moment in which past, present and future are suspended. Allow yourself to…

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Tending Our Humanity

The survival of our Humanity depends on inclusivity. Our willingness and ability to set aside school playground antics, allow the best in each and every person to find its way through. The moment we cast someone out for reasons we deem justifiable, we initiate a…

orange stone

Repeating Patterns : A Path to Transformation

Imagine a moment in your life when you experienced déjà vu of the not-so-good variety. When an unpleasant story or incident that you’ve previously lived through comes back around and you find yourself wondering how you got here. Maybe shaking your fist at the heavens,…

purple crocus

Spring Emergence: Vulnerability Required

Emergence is birthed of willingness and vulnerability, a commitment to unexpected and awkward exposure, devotion to being undone. Without complete surrender to our most raw state, that of being unsheathed and pink skinned, we limit our progress, disavow stages fundamental to arriving at full maturity….

swirling waves


UPHEAVAL isn’t usually something we welcome with open arms. A guest that we prepare for assiduously, fluffing the pillows, uncorking our best bottle of wine so that we may have a civil, well-tailored conversation. Upheaval most often arrives unannounced, blowing us over with its seemingly…

Starry Night Sky

The Dark Side of Winter Solstice

Usually at this time of year, when the hours of daylight are few, I’m working with the notion of the Dark as a nurturing presence. The place where I can curl up, come to more quiet, listen deeply to my internal rhythms. However, I recently…


Post Election : Cracked

Written after the U.S. Election, November 2016 In the sea of [essential] response to this week’s election, I find myself feeling increasingly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material. What I have come to realize is that a commitment to my own equanimity and ground…


These Turbulent Times

These are turbulent times. No one left untouched by the circumstances of both Nature and Man, the two often converging to create outcomes unthinkable. Some days, we are running selflessly into fires and floods to pluck our neighbors from certain death. Others, standing at the…

cairn at sunset

The Beauty & The Trap of Multi-Tasking

A little over 3 months ago, I announced to my followers that I was going to take a summer hiatus from publishing my newsletter. I had decided that I needed to take that time to uber-focus my energy on some new efforts with my essential…

solo on the precipice

Taking Responsibility For Yourself

The act of taking responsibility for oneself is an essential ingredient to a consciously-lived life. If we want to better understand the sources of our discomfort and upset, we must be willing to turn the mirror on ourselves and ask What can I learn here?…