On-going BodyMantra Classes

Saturdays | 10:30-12:00pm
The Avalon | Sodal Hall

6185 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, Colorado
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Please note that class size is limited to 45 and space is available solely on a first come, first served basis. Please be aware that we often hit this number during the Fall & Winter months. Doors close promptly either when we hit the max number of 45 or at 10:30 – whichever comes first.

Drop In:

(cash or check in person only)
[ $ 20 ]

4-punch card

(valid for 8 weeks): add to cart
[ $ 72 ]

8-punch card

(valid for 10 weeks): add to cart
[ $ 136 ]

Cash and checks are preferred for payment. Secure on-line credit payments are accepted for punch cards only, in advance of the class. (Cash and checks only for drop-in classes.)

BodyMantra blends barefoot movement, stillness, guided meditation, and world music as a practice and pathway leading to greater self-awareness and understanding. BodyMantra guides us to unlock the intricate stories rooted in our bodies, so that we are able to connect to ourselves more consciously. Through movement, participants are encouraged to attune to their bodies, with the intention of cultivating a sharper sense of what the body needs at any given moment. As we develop this relationship to the physical body and its nuances, we inherently develop the same with all aspects of ourselves. This is where the practice really begins; as we listen for the deep, inner voice of the True Self that speaks through the body, we cultivate discernment, equanimity, groundedness, and compassion that can serve us on our life path.

There are very few rules binding this practice, as participants are encouraged to discover their own, authentic movement expression; we provide guides and tools during each experience that are intended to enrich and strengthen the practice. Be prepared to laugh, cry, groove, spin wildly, sit in silence, witness others, meet new friends, and welcome the unexpected. This is the journey of BodyMantra—moving the body to go beyond the body.